Our Mission

Hardware, Software, Platform.

Intelligent systems nowadays are integrated into our everyday. Innovative companies have to continuously optimise their digitisation strategy, to ensure their lead towards their competitors. The technological progress in Big Data and IoT enables us to bring products to the next level by platform integration and allow for data driven solutions. Our mission is not only to design intelligent electronics through hardware-software codesign, but rather to develop perfectly optimised platform solutions that convince the end user.


Integrated Solutions



To ensure optimal results in the development of hardware we place great emphasis on simultaneous development of hardware and firmware.


Only through this it is possible to fully exhaust the ever improving processors, more accurate sensors and higher interconnectivity.


The implementation of correct interfaces lays the foundation for seamless integration into the platform.


Modern software systems need to be conceptualised to ensure multiple functionalities whilst maintaining a clear structure.


For this microservice architectures are essential, to ensure the efficient development by abstracting complexity.

State of the art user interfaces in the form of web and mobile applications build the interfaces to the user.



The purpose of the platform is to guarantee scalability and reliability.


We make use of technologies for the decoupling of hardware and software as well as event driven communication between different services.

Only the integrated platform provides the desired added value.

Core Competencies

Integrated All-in-One Solutions


We Accelerate Your Vision

Due to our proven agile working method, which we optimise together with our developers, we are able to develop innovative product ideas efficiently. It is our goal to support companies in realising their visions.



A project starts with your vision. It is essential for us to really understand your goals and problems.


On this basis we will identify the crucial parts of the system from a technical point of view.


The outcome will be to agree upon a PoC which allows us to prove the feasibility of the project.

Proof of Concept

The PoC allows for a quick and focused project start.


For us it is essential to understand the complexities of each project. The PoC for you as a customer allows you to get to know the way we work without the need to incur high costs.


During this phase we lay the foundation for a long-term partnership. 

Minimal viable product

If the feasibility of the project is guaranteed and you as a customer are still convinced by its potential, the next step is the MVP.


The goal here is to bring the first product version to market in order to receive user feedback as early as possible.


The preceding PoC provides a higher planning security for the first marketable product. 

Continued Development

Once the first version is on the market, a constant further development must take place in order to be able to maintain a high customer satisfaction.


We see ourselves as a long-term partner and place a great importance in constantly perfecting the product in cooperation with you.


We involve you closely throughout the entire development cycle so that our ideas always coincide.

Our Team

Carl Philipp Biagosch


Mechanical engineer, specialised in sensorics and hardware as well as the coupling of generated data with artificial intelligence techniques.

ETH Zurich | Robotics | Hardware-Software Codesign | AI | Computer Vision

Nicolai von Enzberg

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Software engineer, experience in product development for IoT solutions, especially in the areas of emobility and energy management. 

TUM Munich | Microservice Architectures | Big Data | IoT

Nikolaus Plange


Business development specialist, startup experience in the areas of gastronomy and e-mobility, specialising in agile development.

WBS London | Finance | Fast to Market | Business Development | Agile Methods


Our Partners

Donau System Partners

Our partner for IT infrastructure.

Well thought out IT infrastructure is essential for high-end platform solutions. We work closely with DSP to guarantee flexible and sustainable infrastructure solutions for our clients.



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